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Your full-time job search starts here!


Follow along with me on my journey to full-time employment.

Hello Spartan Engineers! My name is Sammy Spartan and I am an Engineering student graduating in May 2021 from Michigan State University. As the end of my academic career approaches, I realize that I will soon be a real life adult with a real life job. YIKES!


As I embark on this journey that is my first full time job search, I will be recounting both the successes and failures in the hopes of helping you with your job search. My hope is that this site will have more than enough advice and resources to help all my fellow Spartans have their dream job awaiting them after graduation.


Finding a full-time position isn't going to be simple. There are a lot of different complex components that can be extremely overwhelming. To help make the process simpler, these monthly tasks will be both my goals and suggestions for you to ensure you are on the right track. As all engineers know, there is nothing better than organization and timely results!


Our full-time careers are right around the corner, and it is impossible to get a job without applying. Now is the time to really ramp up the number of applications that you submit. The corporate world isn't the speediest, so by submitting applications now you position yourself well for starting after graduation.


There has never been a time that knowing someone has been a bad thing. Whether you plan on working for a company or not you should be trying to meet as many people as you can right now. People may switch companies and end up where you want to be. Establish new connections this month to help you in your career search.