Career Fair and On...What's next?

Hey Spartans! Here's a point of view: you went to the career fair, you applied to the job(s) and now you are highly anticipating a response. What extra steps can you take to secure the spot? The short answer is continue the conversation! Don't let your communication with the employers stop after the group session or the one-on-one. There is a couple ways you can keep the convo going:

Follow Up: Ideally, you got the recruiters email during the session. If not, don't worry! You can message them via Handshake. Remind the recruiter when and how you met and how much you enjoyed meeting them and hearing about the company. This is a perfect time to show off all the company research you did:) And if you feel its necessary include your resume again! A great follow-up will include some sort of "ask" to keep the conversation going. Maybe you could ask to meet again, to discuss more about the company or the application process. It is unique based on the conversation you had with them.

Attend Other Company Events: Make sure you "follow" your main companies on Handshake so that you can be notified when they are attending campus events! This way, you can attend multiple events for the same company and make multiple contacts internally! This can be a huge advantage in the interviewing process since more recruiters know your name and also for you since you will get a wider view of the company!

So, moral of the story is: the hunt never stops!! Continue following up, networking, applying and interacting with the company and you just might land yourself a ticket to the big show (the interview)...more on this another day:)

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