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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I thought today would be a good time to take a quick break from focusing strictly on this job search journey and spending some time talking about something that is far more important than finding a job: Personal Health. This completely virtual world has ushered in a lot of great things such as seamless long distance communication and elevating the status of sweatpants from a weekend vibe to an everyday normal. However, there are still a lot of negative things that have come out of this.

The biggest negative for myself personally is the computer overload, and it really isn't even close. I have established a work station for myself in my bedroom. This set up has proved to be very effective and efficient, but also detrimental. Everyday I wake up, shower, and come back to my room to either attend class or begin working. I then proceed to stay in my room for the remainder of the day until I sleep other than when I take a break to use the bathroom or eat. I have found that I am spending more time now working on school related activities than I ever did when I was actually on campus.

The reason that I thought this was a topic worthy of discussing today is because there are a lot of companies that have already pushed return to work days back past next summer, meaning that we may still be engaged in this virtual landscape when we enter the workforce. Making sure that we are prepared to do so in a healthy manner is going to be a key both in this transition and in completing virtual schooling successfully. So what exactly is the best way to do that? I have no idea at all.

I can definitely feel myself going a little stir crazy. However, I started doing two super small things that are helping me alleviate my computer overload. Number One: "Walking to Class". I hate sitting around and waiting for my class to start, so one day I decided that I would "walk" to class. I go for a quick walk around my neighborhood, weather permitting, and then come back in time for class. I have found this is a great time to reset and clear my screen drained mind before sitting through another hour of computer time. Number Two: "Exercise, Exercise, Exercise". Just last week I made it a point to do some sort of physical activity each day and I cannot believe the difference that it has made already. I feel more energized, despite being physically tired from the exercise, and my overall mood has dramatically increased. I have found myself far less negative and way more driven to complete my daily tasks since I started these two things.

At the end of the day, it is about what works for you! The important thing is that you think about yourself and everything that you are doing. Taking time to self reflect and finding ways to focus on your own personal health is something that is important both now and post-Covid. So try to think of a few things that you can do, whether that be a special treat or a new habit. Finding something to improve your well-being now will only lead to great things in the future. Stay tuned and keep grinding Spartans!

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