Deep Breath and Reset

Hello Fellow Spartans! I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have been super crazy for me! It felt like every single one of my classes had both projects and exams over the last few weeks, leaving me barely any time to focus on what is to come after graduation. I know that a lot of my friends have been feeling the exact same way. As I was mid-panic sometime last week, I realized a few things that I wanted to share with all of you that really helped me refocus my attention and stop panicking.

The first thing is that there is still SO MUCH TIME LEFT before graduation. A lot of the recruiters that I have reached out to at career fairs, via LinkedIn, or spoken with throughout different interview processes have all highlighted very similar things. The most important being that budgets have just been finalized for many organizations. This means that a lot of companies are just starting to figure out how many college graduates they will be able to bring on board, so there are still plenty of opportunities for you out there. Second, there are a lot of companies that are positioned right now to only hire new employees sometime this upcoming summer. A lot of entry level programs are built around the idea that you get exposure to the company at a hands-on level. Because of this, a lot of companies have decided that it would be in our best interest as incoming employees to start at a time where people will be able to safely return to work. This means that it doesn’t matter if you graduate in the Fall or the Spring, you could be looking at a summer start date and that is 100% ok! All that matters is that you find a position that will position you in a good place to move forward in your career.

Most importantly, I realized that it is the Holiday Season! Thanksgiving is right around the corner which always means there will be a lot of company vacations and paid holidays coming into the close of the fiscal year. This is usually a very exciting time for everyone, but it is not a great time for those of us looking for jobs. Almost every company has wrapped up or is currently wrapping up their interview processes for the current interview cycle. So, if you are talking to a company right now, great! If you aren’t you have absolutely nothing to worry about! The next cycle will be coming around in the Spring semester and there will be plenty of jobs available.

Since this is a good time to hit the reset button, I will be heading back to the drawing board myself. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at how I can refocus my job searching efforts to make sure that I either have companies that I am speaking with or an offer locked in upon graduation. Thank you to all of you who have been following me along this journey and I hope that the next few weeks will be helpful in building a foundation for the next hiring cycle. Stay tuned and keep grinding Spartans!

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