Get Connected: Advice From an Expert

Hello Spartans! I have quite an experience to share with you. I met one of the most incredible Spartans the other day and I am happy to say that he will be joining us virtually in our next update. I know I have featured a few guests in my past posts, but let me tell you this may be one of my best guests yet. Aditya Ashok, a junior Spartan Engineer has partnered with The Center to launch the "College To CEO Series". Over the next couple months, the College of Engineering is working with high level executives across a range of industries to speak with Spartan Engineers about their journey, mistakes made along the way, and Spartan-to-Spartan advice.

What impressed me the most about this was the humble origins of this program. Aditya participated in the MSU Virtual Internship this summer and attended as many of the sessions as he could. He focused specifically on the sessions with high level executives. The reason that all of us are able to meet with these executives was because of the relationships that he was able to cultivate.

For myself, reaching out and making connections can be absolutely terrifying. There is always that thought in the back of my mind that says "They won't have time for you" or "There are far more qualified people that they would rather talk to". Aditya is proof that those thoughts are simply not true. If he is capable of attending a seminar and meeting high level executives, building a relationship with them, AND bring them in to speak to other MSU engineers, there is no reason that all of us cannot reach out to an engineering manager and any company worldwide and establish a connection.

That being said, it doesn't mean that it will always work. Some people may not respond or some may respond and say that they cannot help you at this time. However, Aditya seems to be pretty good at establishing connections. While he will deny claims of being an expert, I do not know anyone who is better at it than him, and I am looking forward to receiving his advice and sharing it with you next week.

As we move forward with our career search there are two things I wanted to focus on. Number one is the "College to CEO Series". Whether you want to become a CEO one day or not, this is something that everyone should be attending. All of the speakers in the series will have been in your shoes. Literally. This isn't one of those gimmicks where they claim they are just like you because they went to college at one point in time and got a major that was somewhat-kinda-sorta like engineering. These are Spartan Engineering Alum who are going to be sharing their stories about post-graduation life. The time has come for all of us to take that step in our lives listening in on other Spartan Engineering stories is a great way to prepare for our own journey.

Second is next weeks post featuring Aditya. Connections are huge in the professional world like it or not. The better you are at making them and building relationships the easier it will be for you to move through the private sector to a position where you would like to be. I cannot wait to sit down with Aditya and pick his brain about all things connections and networking. I hope that all of us will be able to gain some much needed knowledge and advice in this area. Stay Tuned and Keep Grinding Spartans!

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