Get Ready With Me! Career Expo Edition

Hey Spartans! I am jumping on the TikTok trend and doing a Get Ready With Me #GRWM! Its career fair season and we need to get our heads in the game! Time to shine up those resumes, put on our career fair attire and get out there! Let's walk through my prep.

  1. Create the Game Schedule: Narrow down the industries that interest you and register for career fairs via Handshake! Next, pick some company matchups and sign up for a session!

  2. Prepare and Practice, Practice, Practice! Now it's time for the heavy lifting. You know how this goes! The company research, the networking, applying for the jobs beforehand and emailing the recruiter with your resume beforehand (if possible). AND be sure to practice! A recruiter once said to me that she can TELL when students don't practice their pitch! So practice lots! Think of questions that you can ask, write down and rehearse your research and anticipate questions that make come up. The more prepared you can be the better!

  3. The Pep Talk: Game Day! The day you have been waiting for. You should be EXCITED, and maybe a little nervous, but that's okay! Have confidence in yourself and congratulate yourself for getting out of your comfort-zone! Remember the preparation and hard work you had to do to get to this moment and feel proud. Even if it doesn't go exactly how you planned, it is progress and you are learning and growing. Thats what matters!

  4. The Game: Stay focused and don't forget to slow down and take a breath. If something doesn't go as planned or you have more time then planned for, ask the recruiters questions like: how their career path led them to this position or what are the biggest attributes they look for in intern. Do not forget to end the session with asking for their email/LinkedIn for follow up. Do this and I would consider it a WIN!

There you have it. I gave you the play book! Now get out there and try it for yourself! Remember there is multiple games and it is all about how you PREPARE! Compete Spartans. I believe in you:)

DID YOU KNOW?? That recruiters anticipate you to be nervous and they don't mind it! What they look for is genuine interest in their company, personal connection and that you were prepared for the session. Source: a real life recruiter:)

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