How to Handle Hobbies

Hello Spartans!! I hope everyone was able to find something enjoyable to do over the weekend. Between dealing with the pandemic and the frigid temperatures that have pounded the United States over the past few weeks, I have just about had it with being stuck inside at a computer. It is more than past time to return to some of the activities that I enjoyed so much before the pandemic hit. That got me thinking about the things that I like doing and the things that I have enjoyed doing in the past. So many of those activities are tied to my hometown and my pre-college lifestyle. So for today, I thought it would be a great idea to focus on how we are going to handle our free time as our careers begin.

In my years at MSU, I have met so many different people with so many different hobbies. There are plenty of ways that you can spend your free time, but some those activities might need to change as we move into our careers. For example, a lot of my friends growing up were part of what I call "Lake Families". Every summer weekend they would spend at a cottage on a lake or on their boat on a lake. Obviously this lifestyle is not attainable for a recent graduate who may or may not be swamped with college debt and does not even own a house yet. That being said, it doesn't mean that your lifestyle has to change, but how they do it will change greatly. If my friends wanted to keep up this lifestyle, they could easily live at home, or near home, and continue business as usual. However, moving away causes a whole set of new problems. It will mean missing out on all of those family lake weekends, and probably a large decrease in the amount of time they spend on a lake. Are they going to spend their extra funds on travelling home in the summer to be with their families or will they pocket the extra funds, save for the future, and utilize public lakes near their new place of work?

This is just an example, but these are the questions that we need to start asking ourselves. What are the things that we want to keep from our previous lifestyle? How are we going to be sure to provide that for ourselves? Even more importantly, what new things are we going to try to do as we start our career? Most industry professionals always talk about the "Glory Days" when they were a young professional. They talk about constantly meeting new people in their new area of work, happy hours with coworkers/friends, and taking trips to new places. The options for what to do with your free-time are quite literally endless. That's why it's called "free" time. You are free to do whatever you want with little responsibilities to worry about. How are you going to utilize this time? This is the question that I will be thinking about over the next few months, and I hope you will to. Remember it is not always about finding an answer. Just thinking about it here and there, every once and a while will give you a better idea of what you want to do, making you more prepared when the time comes. Stay Tuned and Keep Grinding Spartans!

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