How Will You Stay ~Trendy~?

This is it Spartans. The last full week before finals is finally here. The last week for before our second-to-last finals week! I want to make sure that we are all studying, so I will just give you some quick "food for thought".

Over the past four years we have all gotten used to a very particular lifestyle. That includes everything from the environment we live in, how often we can see our friends, and when we spend our time working on obligations or passion projects. All of that is going to be changing very quickly as we move into the professional world. Our lives will become far more structured in the times that we conduct our professional work and when we get to do things of our own accord. We will most likely not be living in places where the majority of people are college aged, and we will likely be moving further from a majority of the close connections that we made in college.

The question then becomes how are you going to adjust? What types of things are you going to make sure you do to help with the adjustment to your new lifestyle. What kind of things are you going to plan to continue a particular aspect of your current lifestyle on? These are the types of questions that we need to ask ourselves before we graduate so we are prepared for everything that is to come. Thanks for taking the time to tune in during this eventful time. I wish everyone the best of luck with all of their end of semester projects and finals. Stay Tuned and Keep Grinding Spartans!

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