Let's Get Center-ed

Hello fellow Spartans! Sorry for missing my usual Tuesday post. Unfortunately, Covid has not found a way to cancel mid-term season yet making this a particularly tough week. I hope that all of you are still studying hard and succeeding in all your classes as you push forward with your job search!

As usual, it is time for our usual job searching strategy conversations. Lately, I have been offering a lot of advice from my experiences and thoughts. However, for the next few posts I will be drawing our attention back to one of the institutions that is VITAL to our future professional success as Spartan Engineers: The Center. I went to check for upcoming events that may be beneficial for myself, as well as all of you, and I was completely shocked. The Center has completely renovated their website! I strongly suggest that you check it out. They have all of the same resources that they had previously and have added even more resources to help us!

One of the resources they added that I thought was amazing was their YouTube page. The Center’s YouTube page has packaged all the webinars/informational sessions from this summer’s Virtual Intern Experience on their page. As someone who attended a few of these sessions live, I can say that this archive of videos is absolutely priceless. These videos are full of fantastic information on a variety of different topics whether that be advice on how to build a resume or the ins and outs of a particular industry. I would highly recommend checking out the new updated website and looking into all the resources that The Center has made available to us.

I know this was one of my shorter posts, but this was just a warm up for the future. My goal is for us to become more familiar with what The Center is all about and what they have to offer each of us. Throughout my time at MSU, I have used their resources to prepare for job fairs, interviews, and even to figure out what job offer I was going to take for an internship.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I feel disconnected from The Center. I haven’t been able to work my way into their virtual resources now that the first round of career fairs has ended which is absolutely horrible of me. Everyone that I know who has worked with The Center to help better themselves professionally, has benefitted greatly whether that be in the form of an internship offer or even just making more connections with employers. So my goal for all of us is to become more connected over the next few weeks and get ready for the next big push in our career search. Stay tuned and keep grinding Spartans!

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