Introducing the Spartan Spotlight!

I don’t know about you, but this summer is off to quite a wacky start. It has been so hard to start focusing on a full-time job search when the summer still seems so uncertain. Many companies are amid developing what their new work-life will look like as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. I’ve noticed that some companies still have applications open for summer positions. Is it worth making one last summer internship push? Or, would it be more beneficial to pick up summer jobs and take advantage of the free classes that many colleges are currently offering online?

As I debated between these two choices, I realized there isn’t really a way to know what employers will be looking to see on a resume for a full-time position when it comes to this summer experience. Finding a short-term summer position is tough when there are so many full-time employees currently out of work. This got me thinking about the months ahead, and I realized that a lot of the uncertainties that are currently in the job market may still be present when we start looking for our full-time job. We could be looking for jobs in one of the strangest job markets of all time, making it even more important for us to present ourselves in the best way possible.

To make sure that we are ready for what is in store, I have decided to start a “Spartan Spotlight”. The Spartan Spotlight will be an interview of a Spartan Engineering alumni. My goal is to find out first-hand what the job search process looks like from a veteran, and learn some helpful tips as I prepare for my own job search.

The first Spartan Spotlight will be featured right here next week. If there are any specific questions you want to see asked email them to me at and I will be sure to work as many as I can into the interview. I know that this will be a very useful tool for me as I prepare for my job search and I hope that it is helpful for all of you as well.

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