Lists are for Using, Pictures are for Looking!

So. A lot of my friends are getting offers right now, and I am so excited for each one of them (even though I would love an offer myself). HOWEVER, I have to vent about something I noticed because it is driving me NUTS!! Everyone I know with offers has done a lot of the same things that I have done and have shared with all of you. One of those things being the list of things that would create the perfect job. It was probably a few months ago that I first brought up creating a list breaking down your top industries, locations, positions, etc. to assist with deciphering which opportunities and offers are the best for you. And guess what. If you put effort into that list and really thought through those decisions honestly, THEN THE LIST SHOULD STILL BE USED!!!!!!

So many of my friends right now had goals of moving to a job at a new location, or branching out into an industry that would provide them with an entirely new experience. Almost all of them were able to get the offer that was everything that they had hoped for when this process started, but they also got offers for positions that were not everything they had wanted. Obviously, choosing a full-time job offer is a huge decision that needs to be discussed with your most trusted allies in life. However, it feels to me like my friends are letting the list of what their friends and family think they should have in a job drive their own thinking.

THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS!!!! (Sorry told you I was gonna vent. You can't complain because I warned you.) We have all just spent around four years of our lives, give or take, working as hard as we could getting to the position that we are currently in. All of those late nights in the EB or library studying for finals or working on projects cannot go to waste. You have to decide what is best for you and only you. All of us knew what we were looking for before we received even an interview for any full time positions. Now that the offers are coming in we cannot completely abandon our list!

So what is my advice exactly? Find the list you made of all the things you wanted in a full time job, and USE IT! If you want to look at something and not utilize it, find a picture. Those are much more pleasant to look at than a full-time job wish list. Now, let's say that you have offers, and you look at the list that you made months ago and realize that the list isn't a truly accurate representation of what you want anymore. In this case, MAKE A NEW LIST! It's that simple. Identify all of the things that you want in your first full time job. For almost everyone, this is one of the least restrictive job selections that we will ever have to make. A majority of us don't have families to support and relocate when we move. We don't have houses or apartments that we have to sell or lease to get out of once when we move to a new job. This first job that we take has a lot of similarities to our first year at MSU. It truly can be a fresh start to the professional chapter of our lives, and it is important that we each make the decision that is the best for each of us. Stay true to who you are and the things that you have worked so hard to achieve. You have earned every opportunity that has come your way and you owe it to yourself to try to end up in the best situation for yourself.

There. Done venting. I don't know about you, but I feel much better now. Hopefully, some of my friends see this post and get back to their lists, but if they don't I know they will be so thrilled that they are set for the next chapter of their lives. As for myself and all of you still looking for opportunities they are coming. Stay tuned and keep grinding Spartans!

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