ROUND TWO: The Job Search

Hi friends! Long time no talk! I hope the new year and new semester is treating you all well. The new year is filled with new opportunities and a fresh start! Including a fresh start on the job search. Whether you are brand new to the search, or are a pro this is the PERFECT time to start networking again! Because the good news is: the career fairs are back for round 2! Here's a checklist to make sure you are ready!

  1. Get your resume checked: This is a great time to add new experiences, skills, and updated GPA to your resume. Next you can get it checked by coming into The Center in Wilson or submitting to the dropbox.

  2. Make a game plan: Now its time to do some self reflection. What are you looking for? An internship, a Co-Op, full-time or just networking for future opportunities? Next, what industry? Desired location? Desired company? Use handshake filters and searches, or make an appointment with full-time staff or Career Peers over zoom or in-person at The Center to help with your search.

  3. Mark Your Calendar: Now that you have your possible company lists and goals. It is time to look at the EGR events. Also, you can find the events via handshake. This is where you will register and sign up for company sessions.

  4. Prepare and Apply: Now you have your scheduled events! It's time to conduct company research, apply to their online job postings via Handshake and engage in FAST NETWORKING. Reach out to alumni who work for the companies you are meeting with to learn more about the company and ask for advice. Work on your elevator pitch for the one on one sessions and if possible, reach out to the people you are meeting with BEFORE the zoom.

  5. Follow-Up and Prepare For Interviews: After the meeting, be sure to follow up with the recruiter and connect via LinkedIn. It is important to keep the conversation and connect. Also, prepare for the big test AKA the interview with The Center online resources, or come in for interview practice and advice at The Center.

Now you can relax and celebrate your new job (hopefully)! Good luck Spartans! Keep working hard:)

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