Senior Career Seminars!

Fellow Spartan Engineers! I picked an absolutely fantastic time to redirect our focus back on The Center. There are ton of big events coming up that are tailored specifically to us, Senior Spartan Engineers. Any of the senior events coming up would be absolutely fantastic to attend. As you know from all the emails that we get so frequently, Garth Motschenbacher oversees all senior career activities involving the Center. He does everything from one-on-one meetings with senior Spartans to planning the senior seminars which are taking place as we speak!

Every Tuesday, Garth has a short seminar about a particular topic related to the job searching process. These seminars range in topics from how to a resume for your full-time job search to understanding the benefits package that is offered by the company in your full time offer letter. The goal of this series is to walk us through the process and get a better understanding of how each part of the process works. This series will be continuing tonight, and I highly recommend attending (I will be for sure).

I wanted to keep this post short again so we could spend less time reading and more time attending the seminar TONIGHT. As I mentioned before, I have personally been trying to use The Center more as I progress with my job search. I am happy to report that I have been successful in doing that. I can also report that Garth has been super helpful in helping me understand where I want to go and how I can better position myself in the job market to land the jobs that I am most interested. I was able to mention my blog to Garth and am excited to report that Garth was a big fan. I am hoping that soon I will be able to utilize Garth in some future content. Thank you for again Spartans to taking the time to follow along and I hope to see you all tonight at Senior Seminar. Stay tuned and keep grinding Spartans!

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