SPRING 2021: Career Search Restart.... GO!

Hello fellow Spartans! Spring Semester is finally upon us, and we all know what that means... Time to restart our career search! We are one semester away from the real world. YIKES! It really is now or never. Jobs are opening up and employers are going to be looking for us. All we have to do now is be ready.

Having gone through the career search gauntlet last semester, I am now smarter, wiser, and more prepared for what is to come this semester. My goal is to share everything that I have learned in a shortened, "Crash Course Summary" for all of you who have been following along on this journey, and catch anyone who is just tuning in now up to speed. Career Fairs are not the end all be all, but they are a fantastic opportunity. They are, also, approaching fast.

Not to fear. This time off has given me time to reflect, and I have the path built out for what is to come. The rest of this post will summarize what I spent my time reflecting on, and how I have been preparing mentally for this semester's career search. All of my subsequent posts will be focusing on how I am dotting my i's and crossing my t's to make sure that I am ready for anything. We have been preparing for this for over 3 years, Spartans. It's now or never!!

Alright, let's get started. Reflection. This is how I spent my break. Last semester, I found myself applying to any and every job that I could find. While the sheer quantity of applications that I submitted resulted in some interviews, it wasn't what I wanted. So this semester, I am switching up my approach. I am starting my search with the companies that are at the top of my list. These are the companies that I have been eyeing since day one, and have been hoping to work for quite some time. Anything and everything related to these positions, I will be putting 147% of my career efforts towards these companies. Their positions are always going to receive top priority.

This strategy will carry over from last semester (hopefully resulting in an offer not just interviews this time around). However, how approach other positions will be changing. I am being more selective in my application process. Last semester, I spent so much time applying to positions and researching companies that I knew that I would not want to work for in the slightest. Even if they had given me an offer, I know that I would not have taken the job. While it was good for me to get the interview experience from positions like these, I do not see as much importance on that this time around. Before I apply to a position this semester, I will be making sure that I could see myself saying yes to their offer. That doesn't mean they are the big brand or dream job that I have always wanted. It means that it is a position that I value with a company that I respect. This is only our first position out of college. Our story does not need to have a Cinderella ending as we leave MSU; we just need to make sure that we are setting ourselves up for that glass-slipper-moment at some point in the future! Experience matters. Whether we reach our goals now or later doesn't. I am going to be looking at smaller, less-flashy companies doing work in the fields that interest me most and giving these applications 100% effort. With the full-time job search everything gets a little more serious. Interviews are a little more in depths making it harder to weasel your way through if you don't have a true interest in a position. Just because a position/company is not number one on your list does not mean you should take the process likely. #TrustTheProcess (shout out 76ers fans).

I'll leave it here for today. I hope that this was a good way to get you back in the right mindset for what is to come. Whether you feel ready or not, watch for my next post. My goal is to get myself, and all of you ready for this semester. Good Luck!! It's the beginning of our last semester at MSU. Take some to stop and smell the roses. Stay Tuned and Keep Grinding Spartans!

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