Take a Break!

Hey Spartans! Wow it has been a busy couple weeks...career fairs, exams, clubs, events and more. Sometimes it's hard to remember to slow down, make time for yourself, and do something for fun. But it's SO important! A little time to reset, unplug, and connect with friends can be the exact cure for any type of burnout you may be feeling.

Now I know what you are thinking, with our busy schedules...HOW do you take a break? And I don't mean procrastinating:) I mean a truly relaxing, stress-free break. Here's a list of tips I have found helpful throughout my engineering career:

Make Plans: Easier said than done I know! But making plans for a movie night with friends or a night out to eat might just give you the motivation to get moving on that EGR project! Finding things that motivate you could be just what those half-finished assignments need to find their way into the drop-box.

Set Limits: We've all been there, the dreaded webworks problem that seem IMPOSSIBLE. Staring a hole through your computer screen will not make the problem solve itself! Set up blocks of time to work on homework and when that time runs out...stop and reset! This is an easy way to make sure that you have a little free time everyday.

Find Hobbies: Find things you look forward to doing that will help you relax! Maybe its joining a gym, taking a walk, reading a new book, cooking or binge watching a show! Either way, find ways to reward yourself for all of your hard work! Because your mental and physical health is so so SO important!

Thats all for now friends! I hope this inspires you to relax, unplug and take a much needed break from the everyday grind:)

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