Time to Rebuild

Hello fellow Spartans! The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and I think we all know what that means…. FINALS SEASON. Yes, everyone’s least favorite time of year during everyone’s least favorite year of all time is approaching quickly. There is really nothing that I can say to sugar coat this time of year other than by saying IT’S GOING TO BE OK!!! We have made it through countless numbers of finals seasons before, and we have already experienced the Covid-sponsored finals last spring. There is absolutely no reason to be worried. Just do the best you can and remember that soon enough you will officially be a Spartan Engineering Alumni!

I do think that this finals season could be a well needed intermission for us. I know for myself, this job searching process has been stressful and way more than I bargained for. For the past three years, I watched all the older engineers get snatched up at career fairs and employer outreach event. All the big brands that sponsor our engineering college were always looking to bring new Spartans on board. However, this year we missed all of that. I found myself researching companies that I have never heard of before and applying for positions that I know I would not have last year.

This finals season is going to give all of us a nice break and time to focus on ourselves. Almost every company will be on a recruiting pause for the holiday season. This will be the perfect time to focus on our classes and finish out the semester strong. Once we get through this period, we will be able to turn our focus back to our job search. My future posts will all be geared toward how we can spend that gap between the end of fall classes and the New Year. Hopefully, we will be as prepared as possible for the Spring recruiting festivities. Until then I wish all of us the best of luck on the remainder of the school year. Stay strong and keep grinding Spartans!

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